Juné is a yaoi/boy’s love manga imprint from the California based publishing house, Digital Manga Inc. With its very first publication back in 2004, Juné has been the innovated center for the boy’s love genre in the U.S.


Originally inspired by Junét Magazine, Japan’s very first publication of male/male stories, Juné followed their innovative lead. Taking from the Japanese pronunciation of the French poet Jean Genet’s last name as “Jonneh,” Juné’s English-language published works began.


Over the years, the Juné line has published over 300 print titles and over 200 digitals titles. Now with its shop and imprint fused into one, more and more yaoi is available directly to the fans. This includes manga, novels, digital downloads, news, and many more exciting ventures yet to come.


With the support of its loyal fans, Juné continues to bring over the best of what yaoi has to offer.


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