• NOW HIRING - Graphic Designer - Print + Digital

    Digital Manga, Inc. is seeking a Graphic Designer to join us at our Gardena office to assist with our print production and digital graphic needs.


    • Part time (with eligibility for full time in the future)
    • Bilingual (Japanese / English) preferred but not required
    • Photoshop, inDesign, Illustrator proficient 
    • Ability to design for both print and web
    • Basic print production knowledge preferred (eg. CYMK vs RGB, DPI importance, etc)
    • Typesetting knowledge preferred (eg. scanlation OK!), but not required
    • Understanding of Typography and Color Theory concepts
    • Previous Social media and eCommerce experience
    • Understanding / interest in Manga 
    • Must provide resume + portfolio of previous graphic design work
    • Must be 18+ and comfortable working with adult material (eg. Hentai / Yaoi)
    • Local candidates only (e.g. los angeles / orange county area; in person training / remote OK afterwards)
    Job Description:
    As a graphic designer / production associate with DMI your tasks will include, but not limited to...
    • Logo design, book layout, editing, image retouching
    • Create digital assets for storefronts and social media
    • Manage / create newsletters, social media posts, etc
    • eBook creation

    Please email all applications / resumes to customerservice@emanga.com

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  • UK Shipping

    Dear UK customers,
    New tax laws that went into effect on January 1, 2021, due to Brexit, have - unfortunately - led us (as well as many other companies) to restrict shipping to the UK.

    As a small company, the requirement to pay extra fees (and tax filings) to comply with these new regulations is not something we can feasibly do at this time.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that in the future these issues can be resolved.
    Posted by Manager of Accounting
  • - Valentine's Day Update! New Title, Reprints, Licenses and Digital Manga! -

    We're happy to announce reprints, new licenses, new digital manga, and a brand new title! Below we will have projected dates & great news to share. 
    For this quarter, we are mass distributing a reprint and a new title to start off the new year! Below are the details on what you need to know about these books and their distribution.


    March 2020

    The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 10

    Price: 14.95


    April 2020

    Teach Me, Tutor

    Price: 16.95

    What's great about the two titles, The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 10 and Teach Me, Tutor is that they will be available for major retailers such as international Amazon stores, Book Depository and Barnes & Noble!

    For some years, we have been selling our books exclusively through our own channels. However, this limits the accessibility of our books for international fans of BL. So while we already published The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 10, this book will finally be on platforms that allow a lower shipping rate!

    Expect more Juné titles on international and major platforms this year :) We will release a quarterly schedule so keep an eye out for these blog posts, our newsletters or social media posts!
    Below are reprints coming soon to our store in celebration of the new title by Sakira. Though we don't have a set release date, these books are coming sometime around the release of Teach Me, Tutor.
    Imagine, you can have your collection of Sakira manga, filled with big buff himbos and steamy scenes (o///o)

    Sailor Men

    Wild Boyfriend

    Boyfriend in Heat

    License Announcements

    For new licenses, we are continuing two beloved series! I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on the release dates for these two titles!
    *Covers are not final and are subject to change.*

    The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 11

    Deadlock Vol. 2


    While you wait for our print releases, look forward to our digital line-up! We have great stories in this list, including omegaverse!
    For this Valentine's Day, what better way to spend the holiday of love than with two amazing books you can read now! Chocolates are fine, roses are nice to look at, but come on, what better than this, buff guys with muscular dudes?








    Posted by Lindsay M.
  • A Message from Sakira

    Working with Sakira has been a great honor for us at Juné and we are very grateful she has be so enthusiastic about this project :)

    Here is a message from Sakira to you: 









    When I visited Yaoi-Con, I was blown away by the sheer amount of (positive) feedback I received from the American fans. I was deeply moved. Which is why I decided to create a brand new manga just for my American fans, as a way to say thank you.

    BL was originally born in Japan, so it is created in a way that caters to a Japanese audience. And since I've always written my stories in a similar way, I had to think very hard for this project. In the end, I landed on the idea of merging certain aspects of American superhero comics with elements from Japanese "Youkai" and "Mikos".

    I'm a little worried about this becoming the first ever U.S. original BL manga written by a Japanese artist, but at the same time, I feel honored to have this opportunity to work alongside Digital Manga on such an exciting, innovative project.

    I also have plans to provide posters, illustrations, and a few of my signed "shikishi"s for everyone.
    I'm very much looking forward to this becoming more popular overseas, which I hope will contribute to the success of other titles in the future.

    A lot of mysterious things will happen in Ore Miko! Episode 1, but they will remain a mystery. They will slowly start to be revealed from Episode 2 and onward, when the hearts of the two characters begin to waver for each other. I am still in the process of writing the story, so my hope is to have them develop into strong, attractive characters as the story progresses.
    A bunch of new characters are planned to show up in Episode 4 so please look forward to that!




    Episode 2 will be released on December 7, 2018 at 12:00 PST. We are also working on episode 3 and hope to release it soon as well.

    Posted by Lindsay M.
  • E-Choco, Our First Digital Magazine + Understanding Japanese BL Magazines

    e-Choco (イーショコ) is a digital magazine that releases new titles periodicially. Compiled of multiple stories by different authors, this magazine delivers a unique experience.
    In Japan, BL fans enjoy reading these magazines as it's the newest stuff on the market. It's similar to waiting for the next episode to air on television as oppose to waiting for the whole season to come to a close.

    We here at Juné, wanted to recreate that affect by publishing e-Choco in English. Soon we will publish upcoming volumes so you too can follow stories in this magazine style. It's the perfect e-book for someone looking for a quick read as it's made up of chapters from different stories.

    Do bare in mind, that this is authentic to the experience of BL readers in Japan. Sometimes a story will gain more popularity and thus, the story will continue. If a story is not as popular, it may or may not discontinue. That's just the way the magazine business works in Japan sometimes. If a story reaches a certain amount of popularity, it will be released as a tankōbon (単行本/standalone book).

    BL magazines have another quirk, even if the story is popular, it may not show up in the next volume, and instead, in volume 4 or 5 for example. While it may seem frustrating, it is something common in Japan magazines. The best we can do at 
    Juné is let you know about continuations and the content in each of our magazines :) 

    A useful link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank%C5%8Dbon

    We hope you enjoy e-Choco and please comment if you have any questions!! 

    Posted by Lindsay M.

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