• Juné is gearing up for Anime Expo 2017!

    Anime Expo is coming up right around the corner and Juné is preparing for four days of yaoi-banza! O(≧∇≦)O This year we will have our biggest booth yet, filled to the brim with BL goodies! Our manga will be for sale with HUGE discounts across the board along with some extra goodies. 

    As most of our content is adult themed, our booth will be curtain to comply with AX's new safety standards. So find us in behind the black curtains in the exhibit hall at booth #3511!

    Join us on Monday at 3pm to meet YaoiCon special guests OliRoux before the big event in October. We will also be offering special deals for the con, available only at our booth!

    We will be right next door to our sister store, Project Hentai, for those of you who wish to read a little something from all spectrums. 

    Hope to see everyone from July 1-4 at booth #3511 only at Anime Expo!! 
    Posted by Madison Grace
  • Winter blues? Dream of summer with new digital BL!

    Desirable Swimming Boys by Ayan Sakuragi 

    Brothers Kei and Shinobu are both part of their school’s swim team. One day, while pining after his brother, Shinobu is approached by the team’s star swimmer, Kuji, and sent for a wild ride. Kuji uses Shinobu’s body in any way he pleases anytime and anywhere. Shinobu has had enough, but allows his torment to continue in order to protect his brother.

    As Shinobu and Kuji start to become close, Kei reveals his own love for Kuji along with another startling surprise. Meanwhile, a new student enters the swim team and begins to form a bond with Kei. Can this new swimmer replace Kuji in Kei’s heart or will the love triangle continue?

    Posted by Madison Grace
  • Adding another Shin Mizukami classic to the digital exclusives

    "The Imperial Army's Love Academy" tells the story of Yamato's journey through military school during World War II. The story starts out very silly with Yamato soon becoming the prey of captain Onizuka's uniform fetish. Like many of Mizukami's works, the beginning storyline is highly sexualized and comedic. As the story progresses, however, it begins to have deeper character developments and an actual romance. The reader is left with a genuine feeling of love felt between the two main characters.

    If a historical, smutty romance is your thing, then this is the title for you!

    Posted by Madison Grace

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