• Fanart Friday: em_dreamy

    Juné will be starting a featured Fanart Friday every Friday! This is to honour the community that enjoys the titles we publish enough to give homage to their favourite mangakas. All works will be published with their artists permission and are not for sale, purely made for the love of the comic. Do you make fanart from one of the Juné titles? Comment below and you could be our next featured artist!

    Italian artist and huge Kou Yoneda fan, em_dreamy creates many wonderful depictions of Doumeki, Yashiro, and the rest of the gang in hand drawn illustrations. She draws in a style similar to her adored Yoneda-sensei, but stills adds her own personal flare. Below are some our favourites, but be sure to check out the rest of her work on tumblr and instagram


    Posted by Madison Grace

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