• E-Choco, Our First Digital Magazine + Understanding Japanese BL Magazines

    e-Choco (イーショコ) is a digital magazine that releases new titles periodicially. Compiled of multiple stories by different authors, this magazine delivers a unique experience.
    In Japan, BL fans enjoy reading these magazines as it's the newest stuff on the market. It's similar to waiting for the next episode to air on television as oppose to waiting for the whole season to come to a close.

    We here at Juné, wanted to recreate that affect by publishing e-Choco in English. Soon we will publish upcoming volumes so you too can follow stories in this magazine style. It's the perfect e-book for someone looking for a quick read as it's made up of chapters from different stories.

    Do bare in mind, that this is authentic to the experience of BL readers in Japan. Sometimes a story will gain more popularity and thus, the story will continue. If a story is not as popular, it may or may not discontinue. That's just the way the magazine business works in Japan sometimes. If a story reaches a certain amount of popularity, it will be released as a tankōbon (単行本/standalone book).

    BL magazines have another quirk, even if the story is popular, it may not show up in the next volume, and instead, in volume 4 or 5 for example. While it may seem frustrating, it is something common in Japan magazines. The best we can do at 
    Juné is let you know about continuations and the content in each of our magazines :) 

    A useful link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank%C5%8Dbon

    We hope you enjoy e-Choco and please comment if you have any questions!! 

    Posted by Lindsay M.
  • Sakira's Ore Miko Announcement

    Dear BL Fans,

    After a lot of buzz and anticipation, Juné is happy to announce the release of Ore Miko!

    We are delighted to work with Sakira as she has brought us fantastic titles like “Boyfriend in Heat,” “Sailor Men,” and “Don’t Rub Yourself Against My Ass!!” Her beautiful art starring muscular handsome men (both tops and bottoms) and amusing stories make her oeuvre one of a kind. She is just as excited to work on this project as we are. Sakira created Ore Miko with her overseas fans in mind, making sure to include hot scenes, eye-pleasing character designs, and as always, delectable buff men!~

    If you love muscular men and the supernatural, then you’re in for a treat! This manga has it all, demons, romance, steamy scenes, comedy, loveable protagonists and more! Plus, it's uncensored ;) No redraws or light sabers here!

    This is the first Yaoi manga created and catered for the English-speaking audience. Ore Miko is an exclusive release by Juné, a U.S. based company and Sakira, a Japanese Mangaka. Together, we wanted to make something special for overseas yaoi fans since we understand the devotion and love for BL/Yaoi outside of Japan.

    This brand new title will be made up of 5 episodes plus a spin-off. You can already read episode 1 for free from our website and we will release episode 2 soon.

    We will digitally premiere each episode one by one and thereafter, we will compile all 5 episodes into one physical print :) Upon the physical release, we will also launch merchandise for the series so be on the look out!

    Please support the title and Sakira by purchasing Episode 2 when it comes out.

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  • We have lowered the price on domestic shipping! :)

    Good news U.S. BL fans!

    We have lowered the shipping cost :) 

    Once, it used to be $4.95 for all orders under $75, now it is based on weight. 

    You can still get free shipping on orders over $75 but here are the revised shipping costs:

    0.0 lb – 1.0 lb        

    1.0 lb – 2.0 lb

    2.0 lb – 3.0 lb

    3.0 lb – 4.0 lb

    4.0 lb – 5.0 lb




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  • International Shipping Rates

    Yaoi fans,

    I bring news that you may not like and that is the increase in shipping rates for international transactions. As a small company, we cannot provide low shipping costs the way bigger companies do. We are currently in search for cheaper alternatives for our customers but as of now, this is the exact price we need to charge to cover the price of shipping.

    We are well aware that this may deter international customers from buying our goods. We understand and hope that you may continue to support us despite this hindrance.

    Our team is currently looking for solutions to this problem but as of now, these shipping rates will be the current status for international orders. 


    1-8 oz (0.06 lb – 0.5 lb) = $9.50

    9-32 oz (0.5 lb – 2.0 lb) = $15.50

    33-48 oz (2.01 lb – 3.0 lb) = $24.50

    49-64 oz (3.01 lb – 4.0 lb) = $36.50

    4-5 lbs (4.01 lb – 5.0 lb) = $56.05

    South America:

    1-8 oz (0.06 lb – 0.5 lb) = $11.75

    9-32 oz (0.5 lb – 2.0 lb) = $20.75

    33-48 oz (2.01 lb – 3.0 lb) = $31.75

    49-64 oz (3.01 lb – 4.0 lb) = $45.75

    4-5 lbs (4.01 lb – 5.0 lb) = $52.95


    1-8 oz (0.06 lb – 0.5 lb) = $13.75

    9-32 oz (0.5 lb – 2.0 lb) = $22.75

    33-48 oz (2.01 lb – 3.0 lb) = $33.75

    49-64 oz (3.01 lb – 4.0 lb) = $50.75

    4-5 lbs (4.01 lb – 5.0 lb) = $56.60

    Australia & New Zealand:

    1-8 oz (0.06 lb – 0.5 lb) = $13.25

    9-32 oz (0.5 lb – 2.0 lb) = $22.25

    33-48 oz (2.01 lb – 3.0 lb) = $33.25

    49-64 oz (3.01 lb – 4.0 lb) = $53.25

    4-5 lbs (4.01 lb – 5.0 lb) = $61.55

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  • Increased Price for New and Reprinted Manga

    Hello BL enthusiasts,

    As the years have passed, the cost to print books has been on the rise. We are adjusting the price to match up the cost to print. Though we have not raised the price in a long time, we understand that yaoi fans might be disheartened to see their favorite manga/novels are a bit more costly.

    Rest assured, it is only a 2 dollar increase for manga and a six dollar increase for novels. It will only apply to reprints and the manga/novels that we will publish from here on out. 

    Manga- What used to be $12.95 USD will now cost $14.95 USD

    Novels- Once was $8.95 USD, will then be $14.95 USD 

    We want to make sure yaoi and BL fans are happy when they buy from the online Juné store and hope that this increase in price won’t discourage fans from getting the manga they want.


    Will the price for digital copies increase?
    -No. Only new physical prints and reprints.

    Which reprint will be the first with this price point?
    -Twittering Birds Never Fly. 


    Posted by Jennie Flogstad

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