Hello BL enthusiasts,

As the years have passed, the cost to print books has been on the rise. We are adjusting the price to match up the cost to print. Though we have not raised the price in a long time, we understand that yaoi fans might be disheartened to see their favorite manga/novels are a bit more costly.

Rest assured, it is only a 2 dollar increase for manga and a six dollar increase for novels. It will only apply to reprints and the manga/novels that we will publish from here on out. 

Manga- What used to be $12.95 USD will now cost $14.95 USD

Novels- Once was $8.95 USD, will then be $14.95 USD 

We want to make sure yaoi and BL fans are happy when they buy from the online Juné store and hope that this increase in price won’t discourage fans from getting the manga they want.


Will the price for digital copies increase?
-No. Only new physical prints and reprints.

Which reprint will be the first with this price point?
-Twittering Birds Never Fly. 


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  • Posted On March 30, 2018 by ceruleantear

    It looks like a lot of companies are raising their prices, so I understand. I’ve been a long time fan, so I’m willing to pay a little more to get the awesome titles you put out. That said, I appreciate that the digital titles haven’t raised.

  • Posted On March 23, 2018 by Sophie

    I’m so glad that this means Twittering Birds Never Fly is getting a reprint! Finally will be able to get my hands on it while waiting for volume 4 and 5.

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