Dear BL Fans,

After a lot of buzz and anticipation, Juné is happy to announce the release of Ore Miko!

We are delighted to work with Sakira as she has brought us fantastic titles like “Boyfriend in Heat,” “Sailor Men,” and “Don’t Rub Yourself Against My Ass!!” Her beautiful art starring muscular handsome men (both tops and bottoms) and amusing stories make her oeuvre one of a kind. She is just as excited to work on this project as we are. Sakira created Ore Miko with her overseas fans in mind, making sure to include hot scenes, eye-pleasing character designs, and as always, delectable buff men!~

If you love muscular men and the supernatural, then you’re in for a treat! This manga has it all, demons, romance, steamy scenes, comedy, loveable protagonists and more! Plus, it's uncensored ;) No redraws or light sabers here!

This is the first Yaoi manga created and catered for the English-speaking audience. Ore Miko is an exclusive release by Juné, a U.S. based company and Sakira, a Japanese Mangaka. Together, we wanted to make something special for overseas yaoi fans since we understand the devotion and love for BL/Yaoi outside of Japan.

This brand new title will be made up of 5 episodes plus a spin-off. You can already read episode 1 for free from our website and we will release episode 2 soon.

We will digitally premiere each episode one by one and thereafter, we will compile all 5 episodes into one physical print :) Upon the physical release, we will also launch merchandise for the series so be on the look out!

Please support the title and Sakira by purchasing Episode 2 when it comes out.

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  • Posted On August 22, 2018 by Karon

    My hands feel empty now! I need that book (physical) now. (can you hear the whimper and begging)?😻

  • Posted On August 22, 2018 by Andrea

    I look forward to the printed version. The first chapter was really fun!

  • Posted On August 22, 2018 by Andrea

    I really enjoyed the first chapter so I’m glad this is continuing. However, I’ll probably wait for the physical release rather than buy each chapter individually.

  • Posted On July 23, 2018 by Yaoi Freak

    That’s sooo amazing ____ Sakira-sensei brings out her new manga omg >/////< as soon as it comes out I’ll buy it and read it about fivetousand times XD
    besides: when will it come out?
    Can you please tell me? that would be great ^^

  • Posted On July 16, 2018 by Nica Flor

    Gods, I can’t wait! I adore her work, it’s gorgeous and funny. And having a physical copy is just a dream. I already own all her works, and the more print works we have the better. Not to mention, it’s such a wonderful idea to deal with author directly, bypass all the crazy censorship.

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