We're happy to announce reprints, new licenses, new digital manga, and a brand new title! Below we will have projected dates & great news to share. 
For this quarter, we are mass distributing a reprint and a new title to start off the new year! Below are the details on what you need to know about these books and their distribution.


March 2020

The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 10

Price: 14.95


April 2020

Teach Me, Tutor

Price: 16.95

What's great about the two titles, The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 10 and Teach Me, Tutor is that they will be available for major retailers such as international Amazon stores, Book Depository and Barnes & Noble!

For some years, we have been selling our books exclusively through our own channels. However, this limits the accessibility of our books for international fans of BL. So while we already published The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 10, this book will finally be on platforms that allow a lower shipping rate!

Expect more Juné titles on international and major platforms this year :) We will release a quarterly schedule so keep an eye out for these blog posts, our newsletters or social media posts!
Below are reprints coming soon to our store in celebration of the new title by Sakira. Though we don't have a set release date, these books are coming sometime around the release of Teach Me, Tutor.
Imagine, you can have your collection of Sakira manga, filled with big buff himbos and steamy scenes (o///o)

Sailor Men

Wild Boyfriend

Boyfriend in Heat

License Announcements

For new licenses, we are continuing two beloved series! I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on the release dates for these two titles!
*Covers are not final and are subject to change.*

The Tyrant Falls in Love Vol. 11

Deadlock Vol. 2


While you wait for our print releases, look forward to our digital line-up! We have great stories in this list, including omegaverse!
For this Valentine's Day, what better way to spend the holiday of love than with two amazing books you can read now! Chocolates are fine, roses are nice to look at, but come on, what better than this, buff guys with muscular dudes?








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  • Posted On March 09, 2020 by Chris

    These are great! Thanks for the hard work as ever, Juné! Just wanna put a good word in for Mr.Minimart/Konbini-kun though… I’m in the UK and can’t get a copy easily. Would be great to see a reprint, maybe with a remastered cover!

  • Posted On February 19, 2020 by S

    I’m really happy about all the new yaoi coming this year! Looking forward to Deadlock. And I actually already pre-ordered Teach me, tutor from Book Depository.
    I’ll be buying new digital titles as they come out and when I have money (heh).
    Also, I really hope we get to soon buy continuation to Twittering birds never fly.

  • Posted On February 18, 2020 by Andrea

    I’m not going to lie, I am FLOORED by this news. I NEVER thought I would see the continuation to Deadlock. Thank you!

    That new Sakira title looks very promising and I can’t wait for those Omega/Alpha titles. Wow, 2020 is shaping up to be a fantastic year..

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