e-Choco (イーショコ) is a digital magazine that releases new titles periodicially. Compiled of multiple stories by different authors, this magazine delivers a unique experience.
In Japan, BL fans enjoy reading these magazines as it's the newest stuff on the market. It's similar to waiting for the next episode to air on television as oppose to waiting for the whole season to come to a close.

We here at Juné, wanted to recreate that affect by publishing e-Choco in English. Soon we will publish upcoming volumes so you too can follow stories in this magazine style. It's the perfect e-book for someone looking for a quick read as it's made up of chapters from different stories.

Do bare in mind, that this is authentic to the experience of BL readers in Japan. Sometimes a story will gain more popularity and thus, the story will continue. If a story is not as popular, it may or may not discontinue. That's just the way the magazine business works in Japan sometimes. If a story reaches a certain amount of popularity, it will be released as a tankōbon (単行本/standalone book).

BL magazines have another quirk, even if the story is popular, it may not show up in the next volume, and instead, in volume 4 or 5 for example. While it may seem frustrating, it is something common in Japan magazines. The best we can do at 
Juné is let you know about continuations and the content in each of our magazines :) 

A useful link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank%C5%8Dbon

We hope you enjoy e-Choco and please comment if you have any questions!! 

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  • Posted On October 15, 2018 by MAX300

    I hope Cafe Time in Love continues, I love it so much!

  • Posted On October 15, 2018 by Sheri G.

    Will these be released as often as the Japanese version? Are they exact translations, or will Juné be mixing and matching it’s own compilation of e-Choco stories?

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