In the coming new year, Juné plans on doing yaoi restocks every month! We have been getting an influx of novel requests in addition to our manga. What novels would you like to see come back in stock first?  



  • Posted On March 25, 2017 by Zarah

    All you need is love series
    Only the ring finger knows series
    Secret moon
    Ai no kusabi series
    The guilty series
    Cold sleep/light/fever
    Selfish demon king
    Lonely egotist
    Love water
    Desire dangerous feeling

    Or just make the e versions of every yaoi novel June have ever published would also be greatly appreciated!

  • Posted On March 03, 2017 by Murasaki Renge

    How about all of them ? everyone is looking for alot of these titles and everyone is searching for them

  • Posted On February 11, 2017 by Nicole

    Please restock The Guilty vol. 3!!!!!!!

  • Posted On January 21, 2017 by KumikoT

    Ai no Kusabi!

  • Posted On January 09, 2017 by Kaiylia

    I never have the change to put a hand on the last two ai no kusabi novel it would be amazing to finaly be able to finishe my collection of my favorite novel

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