As Juné announced our creator spotlight of the month, Anime News Network announced this morning that Asumiko Nakamura's "Double Mints" will be made into a live action film!

At an art exhibit showing Nakamura's famous "Doukyuusei" or "Classmates" manga, it was then revealed that a live-action adaptation of the dark, psychological boys love "Double Mints" manga is slated to come out in 2017 in Japan. 

With the adaption of "Classmates" made into the success movie by Aniplex films, it will be interesting to see Nakamura's signature atypical art style adapted to live-action.

While "Classmates" was the innocent love story of two young boys falling in love, "Double Mints" is a much darker feature with dark undertones of murder, manipulation, and sacrifice. 

Both titles have been translated by DMI and made available for digital download on Juné. Currently Juné only has the digital rights for these titles, but we are pursuing printed version in the future. 

Read "Double Mints"

Read "Classmates" 


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