Known for her atypical art style, Asumiko Nakamura brings to the yaoi genre a sense of drama, darkness, and an odd sense peace that is not the usual flair for the BL world. Every story is a unique art form, from simple love to twisted seduction. Most of her stories offer meaningful undertones with themes of psychology and the human condition intertwined. Take a break from the usual boys love and give some of her stories a read; discover the hidden undertones that will stick with you even after the story is finished:
CLASSMATES: A boy met a boy. They were in the flush of youth. Their love felt like a dream, like sparkling soda pop.


GRADUATES-WINTER: In this poignant continuation of the “Classmates” series, Sajou and Kusakabe continue down the slippery slope of high school life. Every decision scrutinized, every comment misunderstood, every moment fleeting away before their eyes. In the end, all that matters is that they can rely on each other. But when Sajou’s forced to carry a heavy burden, can Kusakabe become the reliable partner Sajou needs to survive this trying time? If he can’t, there’s another lying in wait for such an opportunity.


GRADUATES-SPRING: In this emotional continuation of classmates, Rihito Sajou and Hikaru “Beyan” Kusakabe deepen their relationship and mature along with it. As could be imagined, Kusakabe’s free-spirit ways clashes with Sajou’s dedication to propriety. Their relationship’s in for a bumpy ride as graduation grows near and the boys come face to face with reality; what happens to them after graduation?


DOUBLEMINTS: Dramatic, depressing, powerful. Violent and sexual. “I’ve killed a woman.” The overbearing voice on the phone was that of a high school classmate named mitsuo ichikawa. Buried memories from the past resurface within the heart of a man who carries the same name, Mitsuo Ichikawa. Events drag him right back into the passions of the past. The two reunite as accomplices, yet their relationship as master and servant slowly changes into something different…


CHICKEN CLUB: Fans of Asumiko Nakamura and readers who look for erotica with elegance or substance would do well to also search out some of her earlier work like this collection.  Lust, sex, and symbolism. Deep joy and horrific fear. It could be anything. Bizarre and haunting, this collection of dream-like short stories are pivotal moments in time, fleeting, intense, forever changing our ways of seeing. You'll want to read them more than once.


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